Emotional Intelligence Coaching For Professionals
Stay Cool Under Pressure. Improve Your Skills. Reduce Your Stress.
Perform At The Highest Level.
A respected coaching model specifically designed to enhance the skills that physicians, attorneys, executives, managers, and athletes need to meet the demands of a high-stress, high-performance environment. Our program recognizes the qualities present in top leaders as well as top employees, and uses a customized assessment to help you make your skills elite.
Here's how it works:
Choose a Location
Our program is designed to accommodate the scheduling needs of busy professionals. Create your own program plan by selecting from our flexible scheduling options. Benefit from the program requires 12 hours of training, which can be divided in 12 - 1-hour sessions, 4 - 3-hour sessions, or 2 - 6-hour sessions*.
Select a Coach
Select from our team of A + A certified professional coaches, each offering unique expertise in their respective disciplines and specializations.  Our coaches are available to host clients or travel to clients to provide our services.  Visit each coach’s bio page for more information and availability.
The Anderson + Anderson Professional Coaches

George Anderson

The founder and creator of the A+A model, George blends a dynamic personality with elite training. George is widely considered the “guru” of Emotional Intelligence and Anger Management–his revered expertise and rich background is unmatched.

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Nancy Anderson

The co-founder of A+A, Nancy brings her extensive knowledge of educational psychology, and a warm presence that is well-suited to address family issues beyond the workplace. In addition to coaching, she is able to provide psychotherapy for co-occurring problems, as well as assistance to family-related stressors outside of the workplace.

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Bryan Anderson

The fresh face of A+A, Bryan brings unique versatility from his extensive experience providing EQ coaching to children, adolescents, and adults. As the author of an EQ curriculum for children, Bryan focuses on engineering creative solutions to effectively meet the needs of any group.

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Alfred D. DeRamus

Dr. Alfred DeRamus: Our “attending” Physician, Dr. DeRamus understands the current challenges Physicians face in the workplace, and is uniquely equipped to accommodate those seeking services “By A Doctor, For A Doctor.”

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Complete Your EQi Pre-test
We ask you to complete this before your first session.
Why? Our clients gain more from each session, and our coaches are able to hit the ground running when clients complete the assessment in advance.
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