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Scalpel-Throwing Surgeons Stun Anger Management Pioneer

A Message to Anderson and Anderson Providers Nationwide

ALERT – Despite No Evidence that it Works, Anger Management is Growing Field

American Association of Anger Management Providers

Anderson & Anderson Introduce Anger Management to the Philippines

Anger And Stress in Casinos

Anger Management For Physicians, A Niche within a Niche 

Anger Management – What’s it all about?

Cool It 

Dealing with an Angry Employee

Emotional Intelligence for Casino Workers

Emotional Intelligence, a Critical Factor in Anger Management Intervention

Emotional intelligence, the Next Generation

George Anderson offers Free Tips for Managing Holiday Stress and Anger

How to find a JCAHO Consistent Program for Disruptive Physicians

Letting the Anger Seep Out

Look back at Anger by Brendan O’Neill

Look back at Anger

Managing Your Anger

Marketing Tip

Prison Service to host Cayman Anger Course

Scope of Practice for Certified Anger Management Facilitators

Stalling Tactics used by Some Physician Groups against JCAHO Standards

Tempering Tempers

The Behaviorally Disruptive Physician

The Public’s Use of Anger Management is Increasing Nationwide

The Storm’s Quiet Eye – by Andy Meisner, Los Angeles Times

Training can Help all Employees

Treating Anger for Profit

Users Smash up PCs in Outbreaks of Network Rage

When Anger Is An Illness ‘Intermittent Explosive Disorder,’ Or Just a Temper Tantrum

When Anger Is An Illness


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